Every living thing has DNA. Each creature’s unique code distinguishes it from all others. The same is true for churches. Each church has its own DNA that guides its shape as it grows. This is our unique code.



We value all people because all people matter to God. No matter how far away from him they might seem, they matter to God. Jesus demonstrated again and again that people's social status, race, gender, behavior, or religious beliefs did not stop him from loving people. We love people - no matter what.


The gospel means 'Good News'. The good news is that God has not given up on us or this world. God's plan is to win back his children and this world with love. This vision of a world restored - full of love, peace, and justice is the center of every decision we make, every initiative we start, every message you hear, every gift we give, and even every meal we eat.


God is a creative God and has given human beings, made in his image, a propensity for artistic expression. As a reflection of his creativity — we value human creativity such as music, poetry, and the visual arts.


We will move beyond information accumulation and teach for life transformation at every level and in every environment. After all, Bible study doesn't make you like Jesus. Following Jesus makes you like Jesus.


We are committed to creating multiple opportunities for every man, woman, and child to hear and see the gospel of Jesus Christ.


We will follow the example of Jesus and serve others past the point of comfort and embrace the significance of sacrifice.


We will defy and not be defined by the economy, our paycheck, consumerism, materialism and the love of money. We will be defiantly generous both personally and corporately, even to a fault.


We will move beyond causal friendships and into honest, loving and potentially uncomfortable community to see each person and family reach their maximum redemptive potential.