Little Big Things

Before going into all this some people told us how church planting is hard. We haven’t but touched the surface and well, I’m pretty sure they’re right. Some days it’s easy to feel inspired and hopeful. We dream about what things could look like. A church plant success story…

Other people have warned us to disregard any and all assumptions of this journey and what a new church will look like. Most have told us that we’ll have far few people than we thought. Budget high, but expect less. Understand doing ministry in the city is harder. There will be less resources and more need. 

It is hard to find a balance in keeping perspective and valuing the insight of others. We want to keep dreaming God-sized dreams for our city, but statistics don’t usually lie. We find ourselves in this tension of realists and dreamers. This in between can get confusing. 

Since living in North Buffalo the past couple months, we’ve already wrestled with all of these things. We’ve met some people who are believers, but most who are not. People ask how things are going and it is usually hard to describe unless they’re people who have been deep in this with us over the past year. 

Do we have a location? No. What will our service time be? Not sure. When will we launch? We don’t have an exact date. How much money do we need to begin? A whole lot more than we have now. What about a core team? We’re working on it…

So what do we have to show you about our progress at this point? Well when starting a church from scratch our little feats are actually huge wins. We can tell you that we’re living exactly in the neighborhood where we believe God wants us and getting here has been a real-deal miracle. We can share that we’ve made some new friends- and no, we don’t have a secret agenda of converting them to the faith. We’ve had conversations with people who want to see good things happen in this city…we couldn’t agree more. 

We’re being intentional about what we do and how we do it. We’re still learning this culture because believe it or not, it is different than the suburbs, the cornfields and even other sides or neighborhoods in Buffalo. We’re attending community events, hosting play-dates, stopping by happy hours and hearing people’s stories. We’re identifying the needs.

So in all of this that doesn’t seem like much to the outsider, it already feels like a lot to us. We’re doing our part to help lay the groundwork for what comes next.  But we need your prayers. Pray that our surface relationships we’re making grow to something more. Pray that we can first build trust with our neighbors, love them, hear them and ask the right questions. Pray for wisdom and the right leaders to come forward. Pray that we wouldn’t stop dreaming of what God CAN actually do. Perhaps even pray we’d get a glimpse of that in the coming weeks.

Gratitude & Love,

Lindsey & Steve