Missional Communities (MC's)


"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." - jEsus,                              (matt. 18:30) 

Being a part of a redemptive community is important here at Anchor. A huge part of that comes in the form of MC's. Below are some resources that will help to make our MC's the type of environment and experience, where life change happens.  


Intro to MC's:

Just a quick explanation of our MC resources

MC Tips: What happens before...

Just a few things to help you in creating a great environment before you dig into deeper conversation. I forgot to mention one last thing - A CLEAN SPACE IS SO SO IMPORTANT!!

MC: Your First Meeting

MC: How to Life Journal

MC: Life Journal Questions

This video explains how you can facilitate discussion with your group about their life journal readings.

MC: Expectations

Just a few tips that can help you and your group have some basic expectations for each other.

MC: The open chair policy

Encouragement to always be eager and ready to invite new people to join your group.